Nederlandse publicaties van Peter-Paul Koch.


Nog geen Nederlandse publicaties.


Interview, november,
Wie volgt de webstandaarden?" in: . Interviews met enige experts van Struikelblok, waaronder mijzelf.

Helaas is NetProfessional met ingang van juli 2003 opgeheven. Ik houd me van harte aanbevolen om voor een ander professioneel webontwikkelingsblad te schrijven.

Offline artikel, mei,
"CSS voor gevorderden - De display declaratie", in: NetProfessional, jaargang 2, nummer 5

Offline artikel, maart,
"CSS voor gevorderden - Aan de slag met het box model", in: NetProfessional, jaargang 2, nummer 3


Online artikel, december:
Jaaroverzicht 2002, op Naar Voren.

Offline artikel, december:
"Geef de gebruiker meer controle", over de W3C DOM, in: NetProfessional, jaargang 1, nummer 12


Hoofdstukken voor boek, september:
Twee JavaScript hoofdstukken voor Peter Kentie's "Webdesign in de praktijk", 5e editie, Addison & Wesley, 2001
Zie ook de errata-pagina.


Email nieuwsbrief, maart:
Netscape verliest browseroorlog in: De Interactieve, jaargang 4, nummer 2, maart 2000. Uitgave van de NetlinQ Group.


Email nieuwsbrief, november:
Internetvisies: Peter-Paul Koch, NetlinQ, in: De Interactieve, jaargang 3, nummer 11, november 1999. Uitgave van de NetlinQ Group.


Geen Nederlandse publicaties.


Offline artikel, december:
"De Thidrekssaga. Waarheid in oude verhalen?", in: Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 110e jaargang, aflevering 4, 1997.

English publications by Peter-Paul Koch.


Interview, January:
The Web edition of the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times published an article Mozilla's back, which includes short interviews with Charles Upsdell and me.

Continued from last year,
Monthly column Keep it Simple on Digital Web Magazine.


Online article, December
Web Page Development: Best Practices on AppleDev.

Online article, July,
Browser Wars II: The Saga Continues on Evolt.

Online article, May,
Forms, usability and the W3C DOM on Digital Web Magazine. I consider it the most important article I've published so far.

Offline book chapter, which surprisingly has appeared online,
Document Object Models (sequel).
I wrote this chapter for Glasshaus's Web Professional's Handbook, just before Glasshaus went bankrupt. By coincidence I found that the first part of my chapter has appeared online at the Webreference site.
Unfortunately this chapter was written in a tearing hurry. If I'd have to rewrite it, I'd do it totally differently.

Online article, February,
JavaScript in Mac Browsers on AppleDev.

Continued from last year,
Monthly column Keep it Simple on Digital Web Magazine.
(The "Form follows function" column has been translated into Czech)


Online article, November:
What shall we do with the W3C DOM? on Evolt.

Interview with me, November:
close-ups* on Peter-Paul Koch on Netdiver.

Offline article, autumn:
"Veronika Pöschl at Carla Koch" in: Ceramics: Art and Perception, no. 50, 2002

Online article, October:
CSS Hints for Internet Explorer 5 on Mac on AppleDev.

Monthly column, from August:
Keep it Simple on Digital Web Magazine.

Online article, June:
document.body, doctype switching and more on Evolt.

Online article, April:
Mission Impossible - mouse position on Evolt.


Technical editing, September:
Technical editor for David Flanagan, "JavaScript, the Definitive Guide", O'Reilly, 2001. Co-edited chapters 17 to 19.

Online article, May:
The DOM, an introduction on Digital Web Magazine.

Web site, March:
CSS2 Tests. Has now become a part of


Online article, June:
Rated XHTML. on A List Apart.

Online article, January:
Fear of Style Sheets, Part 3 on A List Apart.


Offline article:
"Gallery Carla Koch", in: Ceramics: Art and Perception, no. 36, 1999


Web site, October:
The JavaScript Section. Has now become a part of

Translation, April:
"Jan van der Vaart: Multiples 1967-1997", in: Kerameiki Techni, International ceramic art review, issue 28, April 1998.
Original Dutch article by Allaard Hidding

Web site, April:
The Nibelungen, the historical truth. Not maintained.