Ice Storm

I wrote this description in January 2002 and hardly updated it since that time.

Ice Storm seems to support the W3C DOM very well indeed. The Java based commercial browser seems to be very good indeed, following the specs to great detail and even beating Konqueror in a few cases. It supports position: fixed, always a certain sign of excellence.

Fact sheet:

It executes my Edit text script flawlessly, and some level of W3C DOM support is required for this. Also the Change style sheet script works OK. Not bad at all.
I will incorporate Ice Storm information in the next revision of the DOM Compatibility Table, it is clearly worthy of such attention.

Of course there are some annoyances and bugs. Like all Java application it is a bit slow, and it very annoyingly starts up its single window at coordinate 0,0 of your screen, a problem when (like me) you have your Windows toolbar at the top of the screen. Also there are no JavaScript error messages.

Ice Storm has only one window in which all sites are shown. It has a tab bar where you can keep track of which sites are loaded, but unlike Opera it's not possible to minimize pages inside the application window. This also has the effect of making any popup as large as all other pages: the browser can do nothing else. Maybe this should be refined in a later release.

Although Ice Storm supports the W3C DOM, for good measure it can also handle document.all and document.layers .

In short, I was pleasantly surprised by this new browser. I'm not sure what it would cost (no prices quoted on the site) but it might be a good investment if you need an embedded Java browser. It can certainly handle most sites on the Internet.