Netscape 2

I wrote this description somewhere early in 2000 and hardly updated it since that time.

Netscape 2 was the very first browser to support JavaScript.

Fact sheet:

Netscape 2 was the very first browser that supported JavaScript. In its day, it set the standard for all other browsers. Suddenly, web programmers were able to offer some interaction to the users that didn't require constant re-loading of pages, but could be done in the browser itself. In its day, this was a radical novelty.

Expect Netscape 2 to support the solid core: most form manipulations, the basics of cross-frame scripting, pop-ups and date and time scripting. So all basic scripts work. What's more, with the Client Side JavaScript Reference Netscape created a resource of lasting value for all JavaScript programmers. Check this site for the exact differences between Netscape 2, 3 and 4.

Netscape 2 does not support document.images or window.focus.

One particularly nice feature are the clear and concise JavaScript Error Messages. Unlike certain other browsers, Netscape has from the beginning given us the chance to understand what's wrong with our JavaScripts and how to mend them. Seen from the end user, however, these error messages are a nuisance. That's why Netscape 4 replaced them with the JavaScript Console.

Netscape 2 has a security bug: you can read out the location of frames and windows that don't come from your server. For more information on why this is a security hole, see the Frame Busting page.

Generally the Mac version is slightly less good than the Windows version. For instance, it has some problems with pop-ups. Although it does open the pop-up, it doesn't load the requested page in it.

Netescape 2 exists for Linux but I don't get it properly installed on my test computer.