Netscape 3

I wrote this description somewhere early in 2000 and hardly updated it since that time.

Netscape 3 was once again an innovative release. It ruled the browser market in 1996-97.

Fact sheet:

With the release of Netscape 3, web programmers were again given more possibilities for true interaction. It quickly became the standard browser as a worthy successor to Netscape 2.

The most popular innovation was the document.images array, through which you can change images on the page and create the famous mouseover effect. Also, the new window.focus method was a very nice extra.

There's one famous Netscape 3 bug: the document.write bug. If you put a JavaScript with document.write in it inside a nested table (a table inside a table), Netscape 3 prints out the JavaScript instead of executing it. This bug is solved in Netscape 4.

Netscape 3 on Mac and Linux show the same qualities as their Windows counterpart.

Netscape 3 is still the standard for an excellent non-CSS/DHTML browser. It is the touchstone of Level 0 DOM compliancy: any browser must support Netscape 3 JavaScript to the fullest.