Last minor update: 24 May 2004.
Last major update: 11 June 2003.
Tested version: 4.5.
Assume that OmniWeb 4.5 supports what Safari 1.0 supports.

OmniWeb is an independent Mac OS X browser. It has never been very good. Fortunately from now on it will use the Safari code engine.

Omniweb is a browser made only for Mac OSX. It is commercial: a license costs $30.

The newest version is OmniWeb 4.5 . From now on OmniWeb will use Apple's rendering engine, the same one that drives Safari. It seems it's using the engine that drove Safari 1.0, a few 1.2 functionalities don't work in OmniWeb 4.5.

OmniWeb's days as a separate browser are numbered. Since it was never noted for its advanced support of anything this is a good thing.

OmniWeb 4.2

My notes of the last independent version:

Fact sheet:

One extremely annoying bug is that when you use the Back button, or Cmd+Arrow Left, OmniWeb reloads the entire frameset of this site, even though I just want to go back to the previous page in the content frame.

CSS support is OK, which means that the worst bugs have been fixed. See MacEdition for more information.

Omniweb used to say that "our JavaScript document object model does not fully emulate Internet Explorer's yet". This crucial sentence has been changed to "Our JavaScript document object model does not fully emulate Mozilla/Netscape Navigator's yet". Interesting, interesting...

The worst JavaScript problems have been solved. The 4.1 release finally supported the onSubmit event handler, so that form validation works. However, the construct

window.onload = function () {

doesn't. There's still a lot of work to be done in event handling.

As to popups, Omniweb is still muddled. OmniWeb 4.2 finally supports the opener property. Unfortunately there is still something wrong in my cross-window communication example. But some progress is being made.

On the other hand Omniweb offers a great functionality to only allow popups when you click on a link (Omniweb => Preferences => JavaScript).

Basic DHTML is supported, which is a minor miracle since OmniWeb doesn't seem to correctly support any advanced DOM. My test script says that it supports document.layers, but it but doesn't actually implement the complete Layers model. Images inside layers, for instance, cannot be reached through document.layers['layername'].images[].

4.1 claimed to support document.all, but 4.2 doesn't claim this any more. Very, very odd.

All in all Omniweb is getting somewhat better, but it continues to be an extremely confusing browser.