QNX Voyager

I wrote this description in July 2001 and hardly updated it since that time.

QNX Voyager is the native browser of the QNX operating system.

Fact sheet:

QNX Voyager is the native browser of the QNX RealTime OS. It is not to be confused with Amiga Voyager, which, as far as I know, is a completely different browser.

At the moment it is roughly Netscape 3 compatible. No CSS, no DHTML or advanced DOMs. Also, in its Version 3 implementation some things are missing. Most importantly, there's something wrong in cross-window scripting: my test script for opener doesn't work correctly. Dynamic options aren't supported either.
It has some problems with internal anchors (<a href="#gohere">).

Otherwise it seems pretty decent. I don't see a great future for it (unless a Version 4 is released), but it'll serve the needs of the QNX users.

A reader told me that QNX Voyager consists of a separate front end and back end, and that the back end is being replaced by the Opera code engine. So QNX users will eventually get a fully compatible browsing experience.