List styles

List styles are not supported by Omniweb.

You can give quite detailed instructions on the appearance of list items, concerning the bullets or other markers and their position. Below are some examples.


What should the type of the marker be? There are several interesting possibilities. If a browser does not support a certain type it defaults to the standard UL bullet, except for Explorer 5 on Mac, whose default is the standard OL.

A list can consist of <LI>'s, but also of elements that have a display: list-item declaration.


CSS3 values:


The ordered list types are not supported by Netscape 4, except for the default decimal.

Bold values are cross-browser.

CSS3 adds many alphabets, but seems to focus on odd ones. I'm missing Cyrillic, Arab and Hebrew, which have quite large user bases, while the spec does mention tons of obscure Ethiopian and Caucasian alphabets.

If we must support lots of vague alphabets anyway, W3C should add futhark (Germanic runes) and ogham (old Celtic script). It would make ancient historians very happy.

For testing purposes I restricted myself to the European values, because these are the only ones I can check. There's little difference between the Norwegian and the standard Latin alphabet, except for a few extra letters. I'm a little disappointed that even a Norwegian browser famed for its CSS support doesn't support the Norwegian values.


Not supported by Netscape 4.

Slightly buggy in Explorer 5 on Mac.

It is also possible to use an image.


Finally, what position should the list marker have. W3C defined inside and outside. Outside is the normal behaviour in most browsers, while inside means that the marker should be an inline element, inside the margin, so that the text may wrap below it.

Default position


Not supported by Netscape 4.

Buggy in Explorer 4: the bullet is inside the border of the LI.

Buggy in iCab: margin-bottom seems to become negative.


Not supported by Netscape 4.

Buggy in Explorer on Mac: in Explorer 4 the bullet gets a far too large margin-left, while the combination of display: list-item and list-style-position: inside makes Explorer 5 give up on rendering the page.

Buggy in iCab: margin-bottom seems to become negative.