This page was written in 1999 when I did some research into client side XSL for the Interest project, the details of which I can't quite remember any more. It had to do with workflow, though.

This example works only in Explorer 5+ on Windows. Mozilla gives an error when parsing the XSL and frankly I can't be bothered to solve this bug.

These document gives the current status of NetlinQ's XML research for the Interest Job Description File. All data and opinions are provisional; further research will have to be done in any case.

This test module consists of the following parts:

  1. A short introduction to client-side and server-side XML.
  2. A test case: a short sample JDF in XML with a client side XSL application.
  3. View the pure XML or XSL code.
  4. Some general remarks about the XML/XSL example
  5. A more detailed description of the XSL stylesheet .